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Hello! Apa Khabar?

Hi there,

Apa khabar? That means “How are you?” in Malay. Coming from Malaysia, I’m pretty much bilingual- I can speak and write both English and Malay. Here’s the funny part, I’m actually Malaysian Chinese (Nationality: Malaysian, Race: Chinese), but I don’t speak Chinese as my family speaks in either English or Malay at home.

That’s a little bit about my background pertaining to the linguistic side of me.

As for the “journalistic” side of me, I’m in this course as I really love to write. So far, I haven’t done much but my writing background is usually based in church.

So I just signed up for a WordPress blog. Just trying out with this very first blog post of mine to get used to blogging around here, especially that I’ll be blogging quite often here over the next 10 weeks or so.

This blog is created as a part of assessment for CMNS 3420: Journalism. It’ll be pretty exciting over these few months for me as I get to really immerse myself into journalism.

Below is the guideline for this assessment- I copy & pasted it here. Wanted to give myself some reminder each week when I’m completing my assignment here.

Assessment Three

An Electronic Journal in the form of a Weblog (20 per cent)

 (Using: unless informed otherwise

The blog is an online publication form used increasingly by the media.

Newspaper columnists see it as an opportunity to write more expansively on subjects and issues without worrying about column length, and many foreign correspondents for major outlets have their own blogs where they can give the “back” story to what they write for their papers, or make for TV and radio programmes.

The format requires students to become familiar with uploading of not only text but also audio, video and links to other resources. Some students will be more knowledgeable than others in using this platform: Others not so much.

This is an opportunity to learn. Content is incredibly important.

– Students must establish their blog journal by the end of Week 3, and post the url address on Blackboard at the allocated posting point

– It is the responsibility of each student to ensure their blog can be accessed for reading and posting comments

– Deadlines for posting: at the end of Week 3, 5, 7, and 9 with final deadline Week 11 (Students will lose marks for each deadline they miss)

-Posting comments on fellow students’ blogs is encouraged and marks will reflect the extra effort

Assessment Criteria

The blog must demonstrate:

– Relevance to readings, texts and other materials presented or accessed by students in the course or in relation to the course

– Research into the areas the student is presenting to class in his/her individual seminar (note: this is a minimum requirement)

– Evidence of sources of information used, and provide links to or show how to find these resources (be prepared to justify a link to another site in terms of its accuracy)

– Recognition of the audience for which it is written by:

a)    Using language appropriate to a learning environment i.e. grammatically correct language, use of proper terminology

b)    Adhering to journalistic principles such as truth, accuracy and balance

c)    Giving attention to attracting readership through engagement with the online format

         – Deadlines are met with postings at requested times

**Deadlines for posting:

Friday midnight of Week 3, 5, 7, and 9 with final deadline Week 11

(Students will lose marks for each deadline they miss)

(Final deadline: 5 pm Friday Week 11)

Righty-o. This is so much for now. Stay tuned from next week onwards for more posts in relation to my course! :o)

Yours truly,

Suzanne Lau Gek Kuei